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How do I know if a piece of printed music is in copyright?
In Europe copyright subsists for the life of the composer or lyricist plus 70 years thereafter. NB. Even where the composer is no longer copyright-protected there may be a protected arranger. If there is no apparent arranger there may be a separate copyright in the published edition. If in doubt, contact the publisher for clarification.
Is there a minimum size of extract/number of words that I can use without permission?
No, any amount of copyright-protected music has to be approved by the owners before the usage can go ahead, regardless of length.
I'm not sure who controls the copyright for a title I wish to get permission for?
We are the exclusive appointed European print licensor for Warner/Chappell Music and a number of catalogues controlled by Alfred Music Publishing, as well as for all titles in the Faber Music, Manners McDade and Edition Peters catalogues. If you're still unclear whether we control the title you want to use, you can contact your local Collection Society. For residents of the UK, please check with the MCPS-PRS Music Alliance
Can Faber Music issue licences for the World?
In most cases we only control rights in and around Europe. However, we may be able to arrange World clearances with the co-operation of the rights owners in territories outside of Europe, so please check with us.
Do I need to state the composer(s)/lyricist(s) when I request permission to use your song(s)?
Yes, this is crucial in order for us to identify the correct song for your licence.
What happens after I submit my request?
Your request will be reviewed by the Licensing team to make sure we have all the necessary information before submitting it for approval by the copyright owners. Faber Music will contact you as soon as we have received the necessary clearances for your request.
How long will it take to get permission for my request?
Unfortunately there is no set timescale within which we can guarantee that we will be able to receive clearance. Certain songs/catalogues take longer to clear than others. Generally speaking, you should allow for a period of at least 4-6 weeks to obtain copyright approval.
Will I definitely be granted permission to proceed eventually?
No, some requests will be denied if for any reason the copyright owners do not want the usages to go ahead.
The details of my request have changed, what should I do?
You can log in to your request at any time, change the details and resubmit the request using the Online Licensing facility. Alternatively, contact the Faber Music Licensing Department (Tel: +44 (0) 20 7908 5330 / Email:
Are there any minimum requirements my request should meet?
A minimum print run requirement does exist for some commercial arrangement requests; please refer to the 'Musical arrangement/adaptation' section below for further details.
How do I go about licensing one of your musical shows?
If you are enquiring about a performance licence for one of our musical shows, please contact us at


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